Stretched between the foothills of the Grey Towers and the inland Bitter Sea, the Free Cities have retained their independence from the Kingdom after the Keshian province of Bosania was conquered. The Free Cities are a people who feel betrayed by their historic rulers (Kesh) and wary of their new masters (Kingdom). Farmers, sailors and tavern keepers alike were forced to defend themselves in a terribly hard land during the Kesh-Kingdom conflict in a land inhabited by goblins, trolls and the Brotherhood of the Dark Path. Life in the region without a standing army has been one of constant struggle just to survive. The people the Free Cities count themselves as fiercely independent, and the Natalese Rangers embody this ideal and are the respected law in the region.

It is from this background that our heroes spring. These are tough, independent souls driven to win their fortunes like any Free Citizen: by their own two hands and with a measure of good fortune. Our adventurer’s timing is an interesting one, as forces larger than anyone suspects are at work nearby, and the Free Cities are soon to become the center of events on this world, and beyond.


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